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the more I think about it, the more I realize that 2009 me would be pretty scared/intimidated by 2014 me and that’s what counts

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I read several dozen stories a year from miserable, lonely guys who insist that women won’t come near them despite the fact that they are just the nicest guys in the world.

..I’m asking what do you offer? Are you smart? Funny? Interesting? Talented? Ambitious? Creative? OK, now what do you do to demonstrate those attributes to the world? Don’t say that you’re a nice guy — that’s the bare minimum.

“Well, I’m not sexist or racist or greedy or shallow or abusive! Not like those other douchebags!”

I’m sorry, I know that this is hard to hear, but if all you can do is list a bunch of faults you don’t have, then back the fuck away..

..Don’t complain about how girls fall for jerks; they fall for those jerks because those jerks have other things they can offer. “But I’m a great listener!” Are you? Because you’re willing to sit quietly in exchange for the chance to be in the proximity of a pretty girl (and spend every second imagining how soft her skin must be)? Well guess what, there’s another guy in her life who also knows how to do that, and he can play the guitar. Saying that you’re a nice guy is like a restaurant whose only selling point is that the food doesn’t make you sick. You’re like a new movie whose title is This Movie Is in English, and its tagline is “The actors are clearly visible”.


David Wong, 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

This never gets old. 

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Wuchang Temple Was Made Ruins 15 Years Ago Today

15 years ago on September 21, 1999 a massive and tragic earthquake known as the 921 earthquake and Jiji earthquake occurred in Taiwan. In its wake it left a path of devastation and was the second deadliest earthquake in Taiwan’s history. The earthquake took over 2,000 lives, injured over 11,000 people and caused $10 billion USD in damage. In excess of 51,000 buildings were completely destroyed with over another 53,000 being extremely damaged.

The Wuchang Temple stands in ruins today, September 21, 2014 as a solid reminder of the devastation and sadness caused by the Jiji earthquake. When the earthquake occurred it collapsed the first floor leaving the roof to settle solidly on the crumbled foundation. Instead of demolishing the rest of it like so many other building, the Wuchang Temple was instead fenced off and left in place. It has now garnered mass attention and is a popular tourist destination.” SOURCE.

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